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Cori Seki
Founder of Corrupted Inc.

Cori Seki, owner of Corrupted Inc., was born on Maui and raised in Boston. Coming from the islands and growing up poor there weren’t many options, especially when you got zero respect for the rules. He took the normal path that youth with no positive role models take – a path that led him to prison with his back against the wall of a cell contemplating his life and the system that guided him and so many others there. He brainstormed on how someone like him could find success in a system designed to set him up for failure, a system created by corporations and corrupt politicians created to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. He had an epiphany; you don’t beat these people, you become them. His mission since then has been to operate within the system as a voice for dysfunctional families and broken homes, to support troubled youth trying to find redemption without capitulating to such a morally and spiritually corrupt system. This is how Corrupted Inc. was born. Through entrepreneurial skill, passion and knowledge of cars and an unmatched acumen with street smarts from a life spent hustling Cori has been able to make his dreams and those of his close friends and family come true.

Founder of Most Films

Most is a creative videographer/editor who films a wide variety of clientele from weddings to drift cars. His career happened by accident as he needed a videographer to shoot his music videos while pursuing his passion of music. He enjoys giving back and helping others whenever possible. Most lives in San Jose, California. #MOSTFILMS

Co-founder of Stay Shitty, Founder of Stay Shitty Clothing

Hey my name is Anthony (Tony) Frangieh. I like to burn lots of rubber and drive like a maniac. I was born in Berkeley CA in 1993 I raised in the Bay Area my whole life. My friends call me Sideshowtone being I come from a backround of growing up around sideshow’s. You might have seen me in videos kissin curbs through cali’s neighborhood streets , thrashin tire all around Maui or even swangin donuts in a badass Mustang in Oakland. Where ever the party is at I’ll be there with my Nissan 240sx with a ls2 v8 swapped under the hood. I get a lot of seat time at my hometown track Sonoma Raceway and I’m thankful to have the Sonoma drift program letting us drive almost all 12 months out of the year.
I am a very loyal and compassionate person. I will always stand up for the underdog and I will not tolerate bullying. In this day of age I feel like positive vibes bring happiness in what you do so I always stay positive. Drifting cars is what I love to do , I’ve met some really good long term friends throughout the years and I will continue to be a good sport where ever my travels take me. I started drifting on racetracks in 2013 with a v8 powered Nissan 240sx (s13) and ive been shredding tire ever since. I would like to shout out my sponsors for helping me, without you guys I wouldn’t be where I am today you guys are my family, I will continue to work hard and always have fun while doing so.

>A1 tires and wheels Vacaville CA

>Wicked 1 racing Fremont CA

>Phatkatt Kustomz Salinas CA

>Levelride concepts Salem OR

Thanks Mom and Dad (rest in peace) the support from my parents are unreal I’m so blessed to have my Mom still here helping me push towards my dreams. My father passed away in 2014 and its effected me in a bunch of ways. I will always drive my heart out and do it for my dad that is watching over us .
I am the co-founder of Stayshitty and I am the owner of Stayshitty clothing. We started shitting on people everywhere in 2012 and we just want to laugh and have fun twistin the steering wheel both ways!!!!

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